Second - Based

“my วินาทีสุดคุ้ม”

“my วินาทีเหมาๆ”
Service Fee is exclusive of 7% VAT
Apply Now – 31 January 2020
Check your package: dial *905*00# 

Terms and Conditions
  • Customers can apply to this package from today until 31 January 2020. This package is valid until  31 January 2021.
  • Customers receive 30 Baht bonus with 90 days validity. The bonus cannot be used to pay for other packages and add-on packages. 
  • Charges for package "my Second – Based" will be calculated  based on second based tariff. 
  • Charges for package "my Second – Based ฺBuffet" will be calculated  based on second based tariff (0.30 Baht for the first 30 seconds and 0.012 Baht for 31 second onwards). 
  • This promotion applies for domestic use only. Service fee rates above exclude international calls, international roaming services, premium number services, value added services, etc. Other service fee will be charged based on the actual rates provided by Service Provider. 
  • All prices are excluded VAT 7%. The company reserves the right to cancel and/or adjust this promotion as deem appropriate.