add-on internet package - Fin Ver

Service Fee is exclusive of 7% VAT
Apply Now – 30 Sep 19
Check your package: dial *906*00# 

Terms and Conditions
  • This package applies for prepaid customers only.
  • Customers can apply to this package from today until 30 September 2019. 
  • Customers are required to apply for main packages before any add-on packages. Charges will be calculated based on bonus, add-on packages, and main packages consecutively. 
  • Prepaid customers will be able to use the package after confirmation SMS, and charges will be calculated based on the subscribers' currently held main package beforehand. 
  • The time of the customer's subscription shall be regarded as the package use (untill 24 hours/1 day).
  • The date of the customer's subscription shall be regarded as the first day of package use (until 24 hrs/1 day). 
  • ​Service rates (including 7% VAT) for this package, customers must have minimum balance at148.73 Baht. 
  • ​For the case of package expiration, service charge will be calculated based on currently held packages. 
  • This package applies for domestic use only. Service fee rates above exclude international calls, international roaming services, premium number services, value added services, etc.  
  • All prices are exclusive of 7% VAT. The company reserves the right to cancel and/or adjust this package as deem appropriate.